Seriousness of Educational Inequity

Were you aware only one in six African-American students in the 8th grade are proficient in reading? That only one in seven are proficient in math? Do you agree that educational discrimination is a remnant of slavery? Do you agree that this should be considered to be a national emergency? Do you agree that it requires fundamental change in America’s educational system? Do you agree with a vast expansion of school choice nationally? That charter schools should be expanded? That school districts and states should provide funding to students that the students and their families are able to use to select schools? If you have read the section of the book on educational discrimination, do you agree that schools should actively investigate the “no excuses” curriculum used successfully in certain New York and Boston charter schools to close the achievement gap? Do you agree that excellent teachers should receive incentive pay? That teachers in disadvantaged schools should receive special training and incentive pay?

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