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This is an incredibly well researched book on American slavery. You will find as I did a poignant reminder why slavery is America’s original sin. I strongly recommend that you read this book. You will know why race and racism still haunts America’s soul.

James Baldwin once observed “Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing be changed until it is faced”. This book requires Americans to face up to its history and its past, so that their children can be free.

Honorable Carl O. Snowden

Author, and former Civil Rights Director Office of the Attorney General of Maryland

I have known Mr. Doten for years as an excellent lawyer with a penchant for in-depth research. He has not been motivated by profit, but by the desire to make the information available to all for free.

The book presents the unvarnished truths of slavery that have never been taught in many American schools, colleges, or universities. The new information is disturbing, hitting me like a blow to my gut.

When I was in school 50 years ago, I didn’t learn much about American slavery. Now, I find that my kids and grandkids learned even less. This is appalling!

Charles Youtz
Former Investment Banker, History Buff, Phoenix, AZ.

My understanding was greatly expanded by the book, Duke of York: Father of America’s Slave Society by Edward Doten.

This book has painstaking research and very thorough documentation of how inequality and dehumanization were comprehensively and deliberately woven into the legal foundation of America.

Moreover, I learned that this dehumanization and inequality were not confined to a particular geographic area or sectors of the economy.
I have read a lot about the historic institution of slavery, but with this book, learning about the creation of the slave society based on race helped me to see why racism is so persistent today.

The focus on the laws was particularly chilling. Time and time again, someone took deliberate steps to make horrific legal statutes more horrific.

Lori Raineri
Public Finance Advisor and Community Volunteer, Social Justice Issues


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