Honoring America’s Slave Heroes

Do you agree that Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, William Wells Brown, Harriet Jacobs, Solomon Northup, Lt. Prince Witten, Henry Bibb, and other slave heroes, as well as other African-Americans, such as William Still and David Walker, contributed greatly to America’s growth as a nation at great risk to themselves? Would you support a […]

Internal Slave Trade and Slave Coffles

Before you read the discussion of the internal slave trade, had you been aware of the existence of slave coffles? Were you aware that the slave society compelled over a million slaves to travel to the cotton South after the invention of the cotton gin? Were you aware of the resulting substantial disruption of slaves […]

International Slave Trade Was a Genocide

Were you aware that the international slave trade was strongly promoted by the Duke of York’s Royal African Company? Were you aware that the trade resulted in the deaths of millions of African captives, estimated from five million into tens of millions? That many captives died from sadistic abuse, disease in crowded, filthy slave ships, […]

Brutality and Pervasiveness of American Slavery

Were you aware that American slavery was less inhumane before the Duke of York’s enactments, promotion, and incentivization of slavery? Were you aware that several cultures (Dutch, Spanish, French, West African) often were less inhumane than the English form of slavery the Duke and his colleagues promoted in the American colonies? Were you aware of […]

Founding Fathers

Were you aware of the contradictions in the actions of America’s Founding Fathers regarding slavery? Were you aware that Thomas Jefferson owned 600 slaves and that George and Martha Washington owned 300? That Jefferson’s slaves included several of his children by Sally Hemings? Were you aware that so many Presidents owned slaves, even while they […]

Seriousness of Educational Inequity

Were you aware only one in six African-American students in the 8th grade are proficient in reading? That only one in seven are proficient in math? Do you agree that educational discrimination is a remnant of slavery? Do you agree that this should be considered to be a national emergency? Do you agree that it […]

American Slavery Was Different

Were you aware the American form of slavery, initiated by the Duke of York and his colleagues in the 1660s, was more brutal than other forms of slavery often practiced by the Dutch, Spanish, French, and West Africans? Did you know that, by the time of the Civil War, the American South was one of […]

Slave Coffles

Did you know about the brutality of slave coffles used in the internal slave trade? Did you know that the slave society transported over a million slaves to the cotton South following the invention of the cotton gin, often destroying families in the process? Were you aware that slaves, chained in groups of hundreds at […]

Educational Inequality

Do you consider the enormous racial educational inequality in America to be a remnant of slavery? Do you believe that African-Americans’ circumstances or school districts are primarily to blame? Do you believe the competition resulting from school choice could improve education? What do you think about the discussion and research presented in the book regarding […]