American Slavery Was Different

Were you aware the American form of slavery, initiated by the Duke of York and his colleagues in the 1660s, was more brutal than other forms of slavery often practiced by the Dutch, Spanish, French, and West Africans? Did you know that, by the time of the Civil War, the American South was one of the last remaining slave societies in the New World? Did you know that four million human beings were enslaved at that time in America? Were you aware that, at that time, America’s slave society enslaved more human beings that all other New World slave societies combined? Were you aware of the significant integral role of the North in providing commercial and financial support for slavery? Were you aware that the Mayor of New York City proposed secession with the South? Were you aware that slavery continued in several Union states following the Emancipation Proclamation (which did not apply to them) and even after the Civil War? Did your schools teach you this information?

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